Main Cemetery -- Area C -- Lot 44 -- Westside


Ira came to Pittsford from New York City in 1816. He was an attorney and opened a law office here in Pittsford. In 1827 he married Mary Buck and together they had three children – James, Ira Chandler, and Jane who married a man named Chamberlain.

Mr. Bellows was elected to the State Assembly in 1831 and was a delegate to the State Temperance Society. He served in the legislature until 1842. In 1835 he was” elected” a Brigadier General, doing what I don’t know.

Always interested and involved in politics, he was elected supervisor of the Town of Pittsford, serving just one year. He was appointed Superintendent of the Pittsford Schools in 1845.

He was very much involved with finding space for a new Pittsford Cemetery which would be on the other side of the community and in 1842, a committee of which he was president, was able to purchase 6 acres of land from Nathan Cole for $300.00 .on which this burying ground was placed. Since that time many other parcels have been added until we now have 27 acres – both here and across Washington Road, known as Pittsford Cemetery East. He selected a very prominent place for his gravesite, even if it is not Lot #1.

Ira was a citizen much involved in his community and we thank him for all of his leadership. He died in 1855 at the age of 65.