Did you know there are over 75 Civil War soldiers buried in the Pittsford Cemetery?  Click on the FYI... tab to read more.

The Pittsford Cemetery...

...located between East Ave. and Washington Rd. is not owned, run or maintained by the Town of Pittsford but rather is a not-for-profit burying ground, funded by grave sales and donations alone.

The Main portion of the cemetery is the larger of the two segments and was established in 1842. It is situated between Washington Road and East Avenue (approximately opposite French Road) and is just outside the Pittsford Village limits. There is pedestrian access from East Avenue and two vehicle entrances on Washington Road. There are only a limited number of graves for sale in this area of the cemetery.

The land for Pittsford Cemetery East was purchased from a private individual in 1922 and there are many graves still available to purchase there. Its entrance is located at 38 Washington Road; roughly opposite Entrance #3 to the Main cemetery. The MAILING address for the cemetery is: Pittsford Cemetery, 155 South Main Street, Pittsford, NY 14534

There are printable maps showing available graves. On the maps, "Aavailable-c" indicates there is room for a Casket burial.   "Aavailable-u" indicates there is only room for Urn burials. Click here for the maps page and then choose #3 from either list. For additional information, contact the cemetery office at (585) 385-5900 Monday thru Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The office secretary, Beth Knickerbocker, can also be contacted via email at pitts.cemetery@gmail.com

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